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1:1 Voice Mentorship 

Unlock your vocal expression with my 1:1 Voice Mentorship program. In these sessions, you will develop vocal technique which will allow you to access the full range of your voice. You will receive tools for creativity whilst discovering the power of your own unique sound. With my guidance, you will gain the confidence to express yourself and channel your inner 'muses' through song, melodic singing and chanting. 


My 1:1 Voice mentorship sessions are tailored to you. Depending on your current abilities and confidence levels, I can create a program that suits your needs, or that which you wish to focus on. 


Drawing on my experience as a professional singer and sound facilitator, I will guide you to a deeper understanding of your voice and guide you to access its full potential. Together, we will explore ways for you to enhance your sound and channel your unique voice.


Throughout our sessions together you will have the opportunity to explore the following...


Finding your inner voice and the energetics of the vocal centre 


In these sessions, we will focus on technique, your unique vocal story and the energetics that surround your relationship with the voice. 


Exploring your expression through the voice with creative stimuli and muses 


During these sessions, I will provide creative stimuli and muses to help you draw inspiration to channel with your voice. You will gain a better understanding of your vocal capabilities and discover new ways to explore your expression. Whether you’re a beginner or more experienced, I will be your guide on this journey of self-discovery.


Woking with melody, rhythm and an introduction to different scales 


In these sessions, we will look at different ways to exercise the voice, I will introduce you to different scales, rhythmic vocalising and over-tone singing. 


Combining the Voice with Therapeutic Sound Instruments & Using your Voice as an Offering 


Learn how to use the voice with different therapeutic instruments. With my guidance, you will become more confident with combining the voice with chosen instruments as well as learning ways to get the most out of your sound recordings and live offerings. 

1:1 Support with your own offerings and sharing your gifts with the world. 


Each session is 60 minutes and will held on Zoom, sessions will be scheduled at a time that suits.  

'I’ve been receiving Hollys vocal coaching and it has been a powerful container for transcendence and inspiration.


Holly had a beautiful, enchanting and focused way of guiding me home to myself, using techniques and meditations to drop-in somatically in to my body.

Thank you so much Holly, it’s been magical to say the least…


I highly recommend her coaching sessions to anyone who’s working with their voice and their spirit in a holistic way'- Lia Casal



'The most eye- opening and emotional vocal mentorship session with @hollyannecoles, so grateful' - Laurie Gutteridge 

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1:1 Voice Mentorship

  • 1:1 Voice Mentorship Six Sessions

    Valid for 3 months
    • 1:1 Voice Mentorship
  • 1:1 Voice Mentorship Single Session

    Valid for 3 months
    • 1:1 Voice Mentorship
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